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Aux chambres de Penfond
a-wechoù, amañ, e paouez red an amzer...       ...hag e c'hellit ehanañ, alanañ, ha profitañ
Guest rooms at Plomeur - Brittany, France
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- Wifi
- Information on surf and sailing club rates and conditions and bike rental services
- Bikes at Penfond are sometimes available for use
- Children's play equipment in the garden

According to our availability:

- Babysitting. We can look after your children in the evening or during the day. Please ask for details.
- Airport and railway station transfer service, luggage transport
- Detailed information on hiking and walking in the area

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask; we will help if we can.

We do accept animals, but only under certain conditions. Please contact us for details.

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